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Multi-level Graph Visualization: From Global to Local Graph Properties

Select a network below for a multi-level graph visualization that leverages both local and global graph properties, as well as additional features and tools including:
  • interactive network visualizations,
  • global network statistics,
  • local node-level network stats & features, and
  • interactive visualizations of the important network distributions.

Note: Networks may also be sorted by the statistics.
Data NameNNum. AttributesSizeDownload
  3D-spatial-network0020 MB   Download
  Arabic-Digit-Test89263139 MB   Download
  Arabic-Digit-Train0024 MB   Download
  CASP45732103 MB   Download
  CNAE-910828572 MB   Download
  CommViolPredUnnormalizedData22161471 MB   Download
  ConfLongDemo-JSI0020 MB   Download
  EEG-Eye-State14982162 MB   Download
  Example-WearableComputing-weight-lifting-exercises-biceps-curl-variations40261592 MB   Download
  Faults194234291 KB   Download
  JapaneseVowels-mld-ae-test605812640 KB   Download
  JapaneseVowels-mld-ae-train454512481 KB   Download
  JapaneseVowels-mld-size-ae-test2927 B   Download
  JapaneseVowels-mld-size-ae-train2927 B   Download
  MiniBooNE-PID0087 MB   Download
  SkillCraft1-Dataset339720489 KB   Download
  Skin-NonSkin24505843 MB   Download
  StoneFlakes81173 KB   Download
  Test-Arabic-Digit8926319 MB   Download
  ThoraricSurgery4721723 KB   Download
  Train-Arabic-Digit0027 MB   Download
  abalone41799187 KB   Download
  adult-test16284152 MB   Download
  adult32564153 MB   Download
  airfoil-self-noise1505657 KB   Download
  amzn-anon-access-samples-history-20041 MB   Download
  annealing-anneal-test1013910 KB   Download
  annealing-anneal7993979 KB   Download
  arrhythmia454280399 KB   Download
  audiology27715 KB   Download
  audiology277138 KB   Download
  australian6921528 KB   Download
  auto-mpg400921 KB   Download
  autos-imports-852072626 KB   Download
  balance-scale62656 KB   Download
  balloons7852 KB   Download
  biodeg105742151 KB   Download
  blood-transfusion749511 KB   Download
  breast-cancer-wisconsin7011120 KB   Download
  breast-cancer-wisconsin-wdbc57132122 KB   Download
  breast-cancer-wisconsin-wpbc2003544 KB   Download
  car17301051 KB   Download
  cmc14751030 KB   Download
  coil-mld-analysis2011829 KB   Download
  coil-mld-eval1421112 KB   Download
  communities19961281 MB   Download
  covtype0072 MB   Download
  cpu-performance-machine211109 KB   Download
  credit-screening-crx6921632 KB   Download
  cylinder-bands-bands55140101 KB   Download
  data-banknote-authentication1373544 KB   Download
  dermatology3683526 KB   Download
  eb4578553 MB   Download
  echocardiogram133136 KB   Download
  ecoli338919 KB   Download
  event-detection-CalIt2100834218 KB   Download
  event-detection-Dodgers504012840 KB   Download
  fertility-Diagnosis101103 KB   Download
  flags1963015 KB   Download
  forest-fires5191325 KB   Download
  german-numeric10017196 KB   Download
  german10012178 KB   Download
  glass2161212 KB   Download
  haberman30843 KB   Download
  hayes-roth-test295280 B   Download
  hayes-roth13362 KB   Download
  heart-disease-processed3051418 KB   Download
  heart-disease-processed3051410 KB   Download
  heart-disease-processed305144 KB   Download
  heart-disease-processed305147 KB   Download
  heart-disease-reprocessed2971411 KB   Download
  heart2721416 KB   Download
  hepatitis157208 KB   Download
  hill-valley-Hill-Valley-with-noise-Testing608101410 KB   Download
  hill-valley-Hill-Valley-with-noise-Training608101407 KB   Download
  hill-valley-Hill-Valley-without-noise-Testing608101705 KB   Download
  hill-valley-Hill-Valley-without-noise-Training608101705 KB   Download
  horse-colic-test69286 KB   Download
  horse-colic3012825 KB   Download
  housing5081448 KB   Download
  image-segmentation-test210220337 KB   Download
  image-segmentation2122034 KB   Download
  internet-ads-ad3280155910 MB   Download
  ionosphere3523575 KB   Download
  iris15254 KB   Download
  iris-bezdekIris15254 KB   Download
  king-rook-vs-king-pawn-kr-vs-kp319937240 KB   Download
  king-rook-vs-king-krkopt280587519 KB   Download
  lenses256408 B   Download
  letter-recognition2000217696 KB   Download
  liver-disorders-bupa34777 KB   Download
  lung-cancer34574 KB   Download
  magic0419022111 MB   Download
  mammographic-masses962613 KB   Download
  meta-data5292267 KB   Download
  mfeat-fac20015672 MB   Download
  mfeat-fou20011512 MB   Download
  mfeat-kar20012852 MB   Download
  mfeat-mor200121168 KB   Download
  mfeat-pix20014791 MB   Download
  mfeat-zer2001471 MB   Download
  monks-problems-monks-1-test433810 KB   Download
  monks-problems-monks-1-train12583 KB   Download
  monks-problems-monks-2-test433810 KB   Download
  monks-problems-monks-2-train17084 KB   Download
  monks-problems-monks-3-test433810 KB   Download
  monks-problems-monks-3-train12383 KB   Download
  movement-libras36191250 KB   Download
  movement-libras-1469131 KB   Download
  movement-libras-1027191188 KB   Download
  movement-libras-5919163 KB   Download
  movement-libras-81369194 KB   Download
  movement-libras-9469131 KB   Download
  mushroom-agaricus-lepiota812623365 KB   Download
  nursery1296391 MB   Download
  optdigits-test179865259 KB   Download
  optdigits-train382465550 KB   Download
  ozone-eighthr253574799 KB   Download
  ozone-onehr253874800 KB   Download
  parkinsons1962340 KB   Download
  pendigits-test349918170 KB   Download
  pendigits-train749517364 KB   Download
  pima-indians-diabetes769923 KB   Download
  plants34782162 MB   Download
  plrx1831336 KB   Download
  poker-hand-testing0023 MB   Download
  poker-hand-training2501111599 KB   Download
  pop-failures54221244 KB   Download
  postoperative-patient-data-post-operative9194 KB   Download
  satimage-sat-test200137231 KB   Download
  satimage-sat443637514 KB   Download
  secom15685905 MB   Download
  seeds-dataset21189 KB   Download
  segment231220360 KB   Download
  seismic-bumps258619127 KB   Download
  semeion15952663 MB   Download
  sensor-readings-254573147 KB   Download
  sensor-readings-24545725850 KB   Download
  sensor-readings-454575211 KB   Download
  servo16953 KB   Download
  shuttle-landing-control177210 B   Download
  shuttle-test1450210375 KB   Download
  shuttle-train43502101 MB   Download
  slump-test105115 KB   Download
  solar-flare10671327 KB   Download
  solar-flare1324138 KB   Download
  sonar2096186 KB   Download
  soybean-large-test3773632 KB   Download
  soybean-large3083626 KB   Download
  space-shuttle-o-ring-erosion-or-blowby247322 B   Download
  space-shuttle-o-ring-erosion247322 B   Download
  spambase460258682 KB   Download
  spect-SPECT-test188238 KB   Download
  spect-SPECT-train81234 KB   Download
  spect-SPECTF-test1884524 KB   Download
  spect-SPECTF-train814510 KB   Download
  sponge774636 KB   Download
  synthetic-control-mld60166282 KB   Download
  tae15362 KB   Download
  telemonitoring-parkinsons-updrs587722890 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-allbp-test9733182 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-allbp280131237 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-allhyper-test9733182 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-allhyper280131235 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-allhypo-test9733182 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-allhypo280131237 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-allrep-test9733182 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-allrep280131235 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-ann-test342922229 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-ann-train377322251 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-dis-test9733182 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-dis280131235 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-hypothyroid316426214 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-new-thyroid21665 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-sick-euthyroid316426215 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-sick-test9733181 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-sick280131234 KB   Download
  thyroid-disease-thyroid0387917330754 KB   Download
  tic-mld-tic-data2000582386983 KB   Download
  tic-mld-tic-eval2000400185667 KB   Download
  tic-mld-tic-tgts2000400118 KB   Download
  tic-tac-toe9591025 KB   Download
  trains-transformed12341 KB   Download
  turkiye-student-evaluation-R-Specific582234421 KB   Download
  turkiye-student-evaluation-generic582233383 KB   Download
  vehicle-xaa95196 KB   Download
  vehicle-xab95196 KB   Download
  vehicle-xac95196 KB   Download
  vehicle-xad95196 KB   Download
  vehicle-xae95196 KB   Download
  vehicle-xaf95196 KB   Download
  vehicle-xag95196 KB   Download
  vehicle-xah95196 KB   Download
  vehicle-xai95196 KB   Download
  voting-records-house-votes-844361718 KB   Download
  vowel-context9911572 KB   Download
  water-treatment5973990 KB   Download
  wine-quality490012258 KB   Download
  wine1801411 KB   Download
  yacht-hydrodynamics310711 KB   Download
  yeast1485993 KB   Download
  zoo103184 KB   Download

Citing the repository

Citing the repository in published materials

If you find Network Repository useful for your research, please consider citing the following paper:

     title={The Network Data Repository with Interactive Graph Analytics and Visualization},
     author={Ryan A. Rossi and Nesreen K. Ahmed},
     booktitle={Proceedings of the Twenty-Ninth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence},

A few of the datasets have additional citation requests; these can be found at the bottom of each dataset page.
Note that if you transform/preprocess any data obtained from NetworkRepository for your own research, we ask that you please share the data by uploading it along with details on the transformation and reference to any published materials.

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